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Sense Street embodies an interdisciplinary approach to continuous innovation in capital markets. Performance in such a complex and human-centric domain pushes us to constantly apply and advance cutting-edge research and engineering. As an organisation, we strive to embody:

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We are growing (fast!) and constantly searching for talented people who are excited by hard problems and high-capacity teams. Does this resonate? Get in touch.

Our Teams


We structure our teams to optimize the delivery of cutting-edge research into the users’ hands.

Haroon Hassan


20-yrs of experience on, credit trading desks in the US and Europe.

Tamara Polajnar


15-yrs in NLP/AI research. Strong publication record and collaboration network.

Michal Stich

VP Engineering

13-yrs of engineering experience most recently at JP Morgan

Our Teams


We believe that difficult and important tasks in capital markets are executed by people using language. Our domain experts, computer scientists, and linguists work together to design the proprietary datasets and statistical models that lie at the heart of our solutions.

Natalia Elvira


“The best thing about Sense Street is its amazing team; I’m surrounded by super talented, kind people. Everyone brings in a variety of skills and offers unique value to solve complex problems, which gives a real sense of contribution. This is the perfect place to learn from people with different backgrounds, and to use and develop a wide range of skills.”

Our Teams


From creating production-grade software, to developing scalable enterprise environments, Engineering supports the complex requirements of customers that trade multiple asset classes all over the world. The team is also responsible for constantly improving internal resources that enable our work.

Vinayak Athavale


“Sense Street has a perfect balance of interesting multi-disciplinary projects that challenge me and dynamic colleagues who help me solve problems- it really is a great place to work!”