From sourcing liquidity to automating workflows

10X the value of your conversations
Generative AI for Capital Markets


Extraction as a Service

The platform extracts high-quality structured information from unstructured chats that can confidently be used to build higher-level
applications to advance your franchise strategy.

  • Sense Street models are carefully trained on curated dialogues.
  • Small LLMs (no GPT wrappers here!) are fine-tuned with adapters that target extraction use cases in capital markets.
  • The result: high fidelity semantic outputs (complex entities, missed RFQs, customer sentiment, primary market orders) for higher-level
    applications and data lakes.
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Millions, soon billions of labels

The platform promises 5-nines reliability today, tomorrow, and forever, thanks to a continuously curated dataset driven by safe, self-hosted language models.

Interdisciplinary teams curate a massive dataset.

Continuous curation enables software to offer production-grade SLA.

High-quality signal for the models powering the platform.


Applicable across global multi-asset franchise

Seamlessly scale to new asset classes and languages by extending the scope of the data.

Within as little as a few weeks, new data is curated, extending the platform to previously unseen languages.

The platform currently “understands” English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Danish, and Swedish.

OTC Fixed Income and Commodity markets in scope; unseen asset classes quickly rendered by the curation process.


Our first priority

The platform’s performance and scope are fuelled by data.

Our customer’s ownership and sovereignty over their data is our first priority.

  • Dialogue data used to train our models exclusively belongs to our customers.
  • Going beyond ISO27001/SOC2 with industrial strength anonymization, segregation, and security.
  • Guard rails and the physical structure of our APIs structures guarantee that our Generative Neural Networks can never be compromised.

Batch API and low latency REST API for easy integration into existing systems.

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