The conversations at the heart of your franchise

From unstructured market conversations to a fine-grained understanding of liquidity in OTC capital markets.

Actionable Intelligence

Our natural language models understand the complex jargon used in capital markets enabling extraction of information from across the life cycle of a trade.

A view of what clients are saying rather than what they’ve executed gives you a view of trades that haven’t yet happened, maximizing available liquidity.

  • True Hit Rates
  • Cross-selling Opportunities
  • Multiple Languages
  • Source Liquidity
  • Client Relationships
  • Multiple Asset Classes

Isolate important workflows

We turn trading desks into modern data-driven franchises with state-of-the-art natural language processing that gets to the heart of complex conversations.

Machine Learning

NLP for Capital Markets

Critical to our approach is the use of advanced language modelling techniques that go beyond ‘scraping’ technology. Language modelling has improved dramatically in recent years, but to make them useful in capital markets Sense Street has developed a proprietary pipeline that conditions these models on the domain.

Data Curation

Data scientists, linguists, traders collaborate to create uniquely annotated datasets focused on OTC conversational flow.

Model Tuning

Engineers and NLP researchers fine-tune Sense Street’s suite of models, using our proprietary curated datasets.

Structured Output

Our models extract counterparty intentions even when expressed across multiple unstructured conversations.

Scaleable Tech

Enterprise Architecture

Sense Street’s processes and systems have been carefully constructed to pass information security concerns typical within the industry, which means pilots can be executed in as little as 3 months.

Scalable AI

Our models are trained in a federated manner from industry wide datasets guranteeing high generalization.

Flexible Deployments

In production our solutions can be deployed on premise or as a service depending on integration requirements.

Secure Pilots

Pilots are executed on ISO27001/SOC 2 certified networks that pass easily stringent impact assessments.