Sense Street embodies an interdisciplinary approach to continuous innovation in capital markets. Performance in such a complex and human-centric domain pushes us to constantly apply and advance cutting-edge research and engineering.


Our mission is to deliver robust, secure applications that use state-of-the-art AI and machine learning to help market participants have better and more efficient conversations. By developing natural language understanding systems uniquely suited to capital markets, we offer our partners the power to elevate analytics, streamline workflows, and increase observability.

Team Quotes

Going from the position of Data Annotator to Annotation Team manager within only a few months was the most intense but also the greatest learning experience in my whole professional career. It showed me from the start that what lies at the core of Sense Street is recognising people’s talent and giving them a push in the direction of realising their full potential. Being a part of this team means I’m constantly challenged to grow and have a wonderful opportunity to do the same for others - and support them on the way.

Karolina Linguist, Annotation Team Manager

Being a part of Sense Street is an unparalleled journey of growth and innovation. Sense Street isn't just a workplace; it's a community where everyone's contribution is valued, and we all share a common vision of delivering excellence in every piece of code we write.

Michal Senior Software Engineer

We get to work with really interesting dialogue data - it's ambiguous and complex. And it's a lot of fun to leverage all the evolving innovation in LLMs to develop tech that can understand all that complexity and be useful to clients.

Sasha Head of ML and Product

To me, Sense Street stands out for its culture that prizes creativity and unconventional thinking. Our innovation in natural language systems for capital markets is driven by our team's resilience in tackling tough challenges head-on, sitting down and really thinking hard about a problem. Being part of this team means being in a place where every day brings new challenges and opportunities to drive meaningful change in the finance industry.

Molly Data Science Product Manager

As a Cloud Solutions Architect at Sense Street, I'm involved in leveraging cloud computing power to transform complex market data into actionable intelligence. Witnessing our advanced ML models cut through dense financial jargon and extract critical trade insights truly reshape understanding of data's potential when enhanced with AI. Being a part of Sense Street means being at the heart of innovation, where I can use cutting-edge cloud solutions to push the boundaries of what's possible with technology in the capital markets.

Asia Cloud Solutions Architect