The platform consumes chats taking place in capital markets to extract structured information from unstructured communications to power insight and automate workflows.

How we do it

Generative Machine Learning conditioned by large amounts of domain-specific data to create the most effective capital
markets LLM anywhere.

Using task-specific adapters, we can target specific use cases and workflows with well-defined ROI for capital markets participants.

Sense Street LLMs are hosted on secured networks. Client data processed by the platform is never sent to a thirdparty API like OpenAi.

Data Assets

  • Client data is secured on closed networks behind enterprise grade security protocols that are ISO27001 and SoC2 certified.
  • Underlying models take advantage of a dataset drawn from across the industry to create a true capital markets LLM.
  • Detailed data curation creates a high-quality dataset.
  • With over a million labeled data points across tens of thousands of conversations, the software benefits from the most direct signal possible in the data.

Alignment in Production


Designed to incorporate continuous human feedback to ensure model quality.

Our models will not break even if the nature or topic of conversation changes sharply.

Thanks to our Human-In-The-Loop architecture, the Sense Street SLA promises 5-nines reliability.